urban planning and regeneration

We are intensively involved in planning and regeneration across many towns and cities, especially their post-industrial and transition areas.

We believe this needs a rational approach, balanced with sensitivity about the multiple layers of history, identity and ecology of the local community – resident and working/transitory.

This requires creative approaches to vision-building, shared stories and memories, as well as pictures of the future. Abstract policy and numbers will not be enough to carry stakeholders, or even investors, through changes to their place. They are normally looking for a bigger, better narrative.

KMA has a range of techniques to assist this – whilst also providing the necessary connection to policy, programmes, projects and action.

Example of projects

New Broughton, Salford, Maryhill Town Centre, Newcastle Science, Tyne North Bank Strategy, Twechar, Warrington, Clydebank, Cockenzie, Springburn