Steve Tiesdell Legacy Seminar

Steve Tiesdell: outdoors

On 27 February over 120 people gathered at The Lighthouse, Glasgow’s Architecture Centre, to participate in a Legacy Seminar to celebrate the achievements and passions of the late Dr Steve Tiesdell of Glasgow University. People came from across the academic, governmental and practitioner communities of Scotland, England Wales, and even Finland. They included friends from all stages of Steve’s career, including former architectural and academic colleagues, research clients, former students, as well as his family. The seminar was followed by drinks in Babbity Bowster, a favourite haunt of Steve’s in the Merchant City, then a curry evening at the Dhakin restaurant. Details and pictures from this very successful event are kindly hosted on the A&DS website link.

steve's books

I first knew Steve when we were both young professionals working under Francis Tibbalds in London during the late 1980s, before Steve returned to academia at Nottingham. We linked up again when I was involved with his teaching at Aberdeen, then Glasgow, Universities. He was a passionate urban designer with a uniquely colourful lecturing style, but he was also an extremely thoughtful urbanist who sought to look behind the obvious superficial patterns – examining spaces, financial processes, laws and personalities, and the positive and negative impacts they had upon place. He loved living in Glasgow’s Merchant City, whilst retaining an enthusiasm for travelling worldwide – and for sports, especially West Ham United.

Just like Francis Tibbalds 20 years’ earlier, Steve’s death represents a sad premature loss to colleagues, friends and family.  We are fortunate that much of his important work, like the seminal Delivering Better Places research, is published and widely available.

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