Sauchiehall Garnethill District Strategy

Sauchiehall WEBWorking closely with a high-level engagement team for Glasgow City Council, with Nick Wright Planning, icecream architecture and co-occurence, KMA colleagues Jas, Iain and Kevin contributed to the engagement activity of the initial Glasgow City Centre Districts Regeneration Strategy. The engagement team collaborated with Gehl Architects across a range of community engagement events. These sought to facilitate the co-production of a people-focussed regeneration strategy for the Sauchiehall Garnethill District.

As this was the pilot strategy it created an opportunity to develop and test leading edge engagement approaches. The methodology combined sectoral focus groups, larger public workshops, community action evenings, on-street engagement and street animation. It was underpinned by the website using interactive mapping from Future City Glasgow and social media.

The final set of community action evenings were hosted during the early part of the summer in the District. These were particularly well attended by residents from Garnethill and were a great opportunity run through issues that had been raised during the earlier part of the project. Business people, the Sauchiehall BID (with an emphasis on the street’s evening economy) and local residents all worked collaboratively towards mutually beneficial solutions.

You can find the Engagement Report here.

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