Future Glasgow: City Vision consultation

We undertook a series of consultation events across the city as part of our engagement commission on the Future Glasgow project – a 50 year visioning process, promoted by the Leader, and reaching nearly 3,000 people. We consulted business, civic groups, community councillors, schoolchildren, politicians and many others. Here we are working with Ice Cream […]

Richard McCarthy at the AoU

Richard McCarthy on localism

CLG Director Richard McCarthy spoke to the Academy of Urbanism end of year review, setting out some of the Coalition government’s thinking behind the Localism Bill that was announced at the beginning of the same week. Clearly not all the processes and criteria are fully thought through yet, with some elements to follow as national […]

Letter to the Editor of the Guardian

The feature on the Prince of Wales’ ‘big society’ role (Guardian 27 November) identified a set of opportunities, as well as risks, in the way a participatory democracy might take planning and design issues forward. There is clearly a need for more local participation and arguably less top-down direction from Whitehall, especially on matters of […]

Academy Awards for Urbanism 2010

The Academy Awards passed for another year, with all the finalists celebrating their achievements in making better places at a lunch in Westminster’s Church House. Finalists at all levels had demonstrated considerable achievement, often implemented over several decades, with the three in the City category explaining their back story at a seminar on the preceding […]

The Grandhome Charette

The Grandhome Charrette was part of a series of three charrettes around Scotland, exploring innovative placemaking masterplans undertaken in an intensive manner with the involvement of local bodies and community members. The charrettes were led by American New Urbanist Andres Duany and his international team of practitioners, employing their well known diagnostic transect and associated […]

The Dictionary of Urbanism – book review

Whilst academics may reflect on the nature and validity of concepts by analysing their evolution in discourse, planning practitioners possibly reflect less deeply on the terms and concepts we use as daily professional currency. Yet those of us who work across different administrative jurisdictions are often bemused by the subtly different meanings of such basic […]