KMA Covid-19 Response

During the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, KMA remain fully operational. Team members are working flexibly from home to help our clients progress their projects. We want all our communities to be safe and are therefore taking social distancing and, if necessary, isolation very seriously.

We have always been an agile team, our work demands it. Now we are working with clients to support the effective delivery of their work using video-conferencing, participatory workshops and other forms of digital engagement. Please keep an eye on Twitter to see how we have been delivering workshops over ZOOM.

If you’d like to get in touch and don’t have a team members details, please email, and we’ll get your message directed to them.

This is a time for collective action, to bring out the best in our communities and we’ll be here to help think through what this means for different places during the pandemic crisis. Look out for each other, and we hope to see you in person before too long.

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