futures and scenario planning

filwood park enquiry by design

“Scenarios are not about predicting the future, rather they are about perceiving futures in the present.”  Peter Schwartz

We have developed and refined specialist techniques to help client groups and consultees address change and explore the long term future, up to 50 years ahead. This includes visioning, scenario planning, back-casting and role play.

The aim is to help participants explore the future without fear or over-emphasis on the constraints of contemporary political, legalistic or cultural horizons, which can impede thinking, yet will ultimately change.

The key for us is to recognise that people enter processes from different starting points and backgrounds. We need to respect and work with these differences, on order to be able to explore the future creatively and help people and places to move forward.

Shrewsbury Vision, Future Glasgow, Strathaven, Chilmington Green and Ashford