Former Cockenzie Power Station Masterplan Update and Information Sessions

Following on from our work on the Cockenzie Masterplan, KMA along with PBA were commissioned to support East Lothian Council with a series of update sessions on the Cockenzie Masterplan. In the period of time between the masterplan being completed and now East Lothian Council have acquired the site.

The purpose of these sessions was to provide up to date information on site ownership, planning applications related to the offshore wind connections and on the masterplan itself.

We planned a series of 5 sessions in and around the communities near the site, plus further afield. The reason for this is that the scale of the site has regional implications, plus local people visit the places we undertook these sessions at Tesco in Musselburgh and the Haddington Market.

The update sessions reached a wide audience through a process that included community venues and public locations. There was opportunity to get information into people’s hands quickly, but also to have more detailed conversations about the future of the site.

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