Filwood Park Enquiry by Design

Fillwood Park Enquiry by DesignKMA planned and facilitated an Enquiry by Design process for the HCA at Filwood Park, Knowle West in South Bristol, working with an excellent team combining GVA, New Masterplanning and Alan Baxter Associates. The challenge was to approach an underutilised park and former industrial brownfield site, and try to configure something that provided new community greenspace, as well as new housing and mixed use development.

It was extremely sensitive for a range of reasons, and there was a need to involve local people and agencies in a creative manner. We did this in stages over several days, starting on a Saturday with a site visit, then holding agency and young people’s sessions as it progressed. Issues included usable green space, the role of wildlife, neighbour security, as well as the core challenge of creating development value with a critical mass and appropriate design. Many interests had to be accommodated and our team worked hard, thinking through a range of scenarios and responses. A preferred approach was arrived, to be taken forward as a planning application in the New Year. Well done to the Knowle West community for their constructive engagement, but also the whole team who worked particularly hard in a very concentrated time span.

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