charrettes and community design

We undertake community planning and co-design events for community bodies, councils and developers – usually some combination of these. We have also researched the best practice of facilitation of these processes.

Our approach to charrettes is phased, structured, and interactive in different ways, but always geared to generating a plan, a vision, scenarios and positive activity that builds understanding and collaborative ‘fit’ over time.

We have undertaken such exercises for residential neighbourhoods, town centres, former industrial/canal corridors, urban extensions and garden villages/towns. We have also trained students, professionals and politicians in this creative process.

Exemplar Projects

North Berwick Town Centre Charrette, Bowling Basin Charrette, Talk Prestwick Town Centre Charrette, Tranent Charrette, Dumbarton Rock and Castle Charrette, Crinan Canal Corridor Charrette, Harpenden Public Halls Redevelopment Design Charrette