BBC Radio 4: You and Yours with George Monbiot

kevin murray and george monbiot

I participated in a Radio 4 listeners call-in radio show, You and Yours with George Monbiot, discussing community experiences of planning.  I did it down the line from the soon to be vacated BBC Scotland studios in Queen Margaret Drive Glasgow, before the move to Pacific Quay.

It showed that people care about planning and their local environment, but that they have widely varying experiences, and expectations, of it. Because I was there on behalf of the RTPI, I suspect it made me more defensive of systems and processes that I don’t always fully support.  Most of the creativity and progress comes from outside the formal processes, and is then co-opted.

It would have been more fun to do this in a studio together, and have a bit more banter and debate directly with individuals, but that is a problem I have had on most radio inputs which I do from afar.

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