about kma

kevin murray podiumKevin Murray Associates is an award-winning niche consultancy operating across the spectrum of planning, regeneration, urban design and community consultation.

Established in 2002, the practice draws from over 30 years’ direct experience in leading-edge projects in town planning, regeneration, urban design and economic development.

Our philosophy is to help clients make progressive steps in creating or nurturing stronger, more robust places and communities, at different scales. We do this through an intelligent, reflective learning approach summarized as place momentum. We focus on an understanding of place and community’s distinctive attributes, fused with an appreciation of how these may change in the coming decades.

Our approach is applied in situations of urban expansion, inner-city regeneration, masterplanning, neighbourhood and town centre conservation and renewal, and recycling of former industrial areas.

The particularities and sensitivity of each commission mean different methods and techniques may be used to get the best outcome. Process-oriented advice and techniques aim to build client and community capacity around strategies for positive action.

Workshops, scenario planning, Enquiry by Design and masterplan charrettes all form part of the KMA professional toolkit in helping clients to deliver.

We also organise specially tailored training modules to help clients and communities better undertake their own projects.

A range of services is offered to suit the needs of different client groups and geographical circumstances, and we can happily operate as either lead consultant and as part of a team.

Our services include: